Salma Elannani, Student Employee of the Year

We offer both Federal Work-Study and Student Aide Program employment opportunities. Federal Work-Study Program jobs are based on need as shown in your financial aid application. Other University jobs through the Student Aide Program are open to all students. To be eligible to work in either program, you must be currently enrolled at Northeastern for at least six credit hours in a degree program. Coming soon: Find Student Aide and Federal Work-Study position job listings online. 

Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) eligibility

You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to April 15, 2022, 为即将到来的颁奖年. Students with the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) indicated on the Student Aid Report (SAR) must fall between $0 and $6,000. Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) awards will be awarded until funds are exhausted. After that if you have not received an award, 如果你符合条件, you may be placed on the FWSP waiting list. The Student 就业 Office reviews the usage of FWSP awards at the beginning and middle of each semester and redistributes any available funds to those on the FWSP waiting list.

Classification and Wage Levels

Student 就业 positions require that you have a Job Description Form on file in the Student 就业 Office. In addition, you must complete a Student Hiring and Change of Status Form. The hiring agent shall determine what level you will be placed upon hire based on your skill set.


$13-$14 (State minimum wage, effective Jan. 1, 2023: $13)

Few special skills with little or no previous training or work 经验 is required for Level I jobs. A minimum amount of training is necessary to prepare the student employee for work. 就业 is generally well supervised and jobs are often of a routing nature that require little decision-making.


$14-$15 每小时

Requires some previous training, 经验, 或知识, as well as some mechanical ability, 手灵巧度, 或者心理活动. The work performed is generally supervised.


$15-$16 每小时

Requires previous training or 经验, independent judgment and considerable mental activity. Some college education or comparable 经验 is necessary. The work may include a high level of responsibility.


$16-$18 每小时 *Grant Employees Only

Jobs for this level require a high degree of mental activity and judgment and may require a degree of decision-making. Some college education or comparable 经验 is necessary, including a high level of responsibility.

Any hourly rate over $18 must be approved by the Executive Director of Human 资源

Off-Campus and 社区 Service 机会

如果你有FWSP奖, you can earn up to $15 每小时 working for a non-profit organization in the Chicago metropolitan area or tutoring elementary students from Chicago Public Schools in reading and/or mathematics through the America Reads/America Counts Program. Please visit the Office of Student 就业 for further information.


东北大学已纳入 握手 platform to list our current work study and student aide positions for student employment. Sign up and peruse our listings at any time. Jobs will be updated on a weekly basis.